Ruth Becker

Ruth Becker was the perfect choice for Pennsylvania Resource Council (PRC)’s first Executive Director in 1973.  Like Hilda Fox and Cynthia Calhoun, she is a passionate advocate for waste reduction, recycling, and the preservation of a quality environment.  

Ruth led PRC through the 1970s and 1980s when the modern environmental movement was beginning.  

Among her many talents, Ruth was an engaging and sought-after speaker, crisscrossing Pennsylvania and traveling to other states advancing PRC’s mission of environmental protection and conservation.  

She relentlessly pushed for legislation to mandate recycling – hosting workshops, organizing outreach and education campaigns, and advocating to legislators.  

Ruth played a starring role in the passage of Act 101 in 1988.  In recognition of Ruth’s work, PRC honored her with the coveted PRC Fox Calhoun Award (named for Hilda Fox and Cynthia Calhoun) in 1992.

Authored by Winnie Branton, President
PA Resources Council Board of Directors (2022)