Hilda Vogel Fox


Hilda Fox lived in Media [Delaware County] and was an active member and leader of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, where she got her inspiration and motivation for the organization that would become PRC.  

Hilda was with PA Resources Council (PRC) from the very beginning, joining with others who were concerned with the growing proliferation of billboards and junkyards along the roadways.  

She was an early disruptor – organizing boycotts and letter writing campaigns against companies who advertised on billboards, highlighting the worst offenders in print and TV ads, and organizing public campaigns for cleaner streets.  

She never let up.  Hilda was a national leader on scenic preservation and litter prevention.  

Under her leadership, in the 1950s, PRC introduced the Litterbug and initiated a national “Don’t Be a Litterbug” campaign in conjunction with the National Council of State Garden Clubs and Keep America Beautiful.  

She served as PRC’s President for 15 years. Hilda was a persistent, feisty, environmental champion.


Authored by Winnie Branton, President
PA Resources Council Board of Directors (2022)