Peter Duncan figure in PA conservation

Peter Duncan


Peter Duncan of Millerstown is a longtime environmental protection advocate and conservationist. He has worked alongside some of Pennsylvania’s conservation heroes such as Ralph W. Abele and Maurice K. Goddard. His dedication and service has led him into becoming a leader in shaping some of Pennsylvania’s laws and policies that help protect, conserve and enhance Pennsylvania’s natural features and resources.

Duncan earned his bachelor’s degree in park and recreation administration from Pennsylvania State University and began his career in 1966, serving as a park naturalist and interpretive species supervisor for the Arlington County Department of Environmental Affairs in Arlington, Virginia. He also completed a program for senior executives in state and local government at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He served in the US Army as a company commander in Vietnam.

From 1975-1977, Duncan served as president of the Pennsylvania Forestry Association, and in 1982, former Pennsylvania governor Richard Thornburgh appointed him to head the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Resources. From 1983-1994, he served as executive director of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and during this time he oversaw the acquisition of more than 125,000 acres of state land. In 1996, he became a consultant to the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and in 1997 was named Deputy Commissioner for Natural Resources of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

Duncan also volunteered his time to developing environmental conservation education programs and curriculums throughout the Commonwealth. He has also participated in numerous projects with various organizations, including the Boy Scouts, the National Wildlife Federation, Conservation Districts and Trout Unlimited. In 1997, he received the highest honor the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission offers, the Ralph W. Abele Conservation Heritage Award (he is pictured here receiving his award from the Fish & Boat Commission’s then-Director Peter Colangelo). He earned this award for his efforts and dedicated work in environmental protection and conservation, establishing him as a leader in the conservation movement of Pennsylvania.