Marcia Bonta PA conservation figure

Marcia Bonta

July 11, 1940 -

Marcia Bonta was born in Woodbury, New Jersey on July 11, 1940. As a child, Marcia loved playing in the woods around her house and hiking in Pennsylvania with her father. Although he helped develop her interest in nature, she feels that it is something that “a person is born with’.

Marcia attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg PA, and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and History in 1962. She continuously teaches herself about the scientific details of nature through field work and research. For a decade she wrote weekly newspaper columns. Finally, she turned her focus to books, magazines articles, lecturing, and natural history topics. She started writing articles about local areas, and expended from there. To date, she has authored nine books and over 300 magazine articles published in the Pennsylvania Game News and Pennsylvania Wildlife. Marcia strives to teach others to respect and save the environment through her writing.

Currently, Marcia resides in Tyrone, PA. Every day she adds to her nature journal in hopes that it will be useful in the future. Her books include: Escape to the Mountain, Outbound Journies in Pennsylvania, More Outbound Journies in Pennsylvania, Women in the Field, American Women in Field, Appalachian Spring, and Appalachian Autumn. To read her journal entries and blog posts, visit her blog. (