George “Bud” Bush

Bud Bush was a silhouette artist originally from Llewellyn in Schuylkill County. Unfortunately, I never had the privilege of meeting Bud as he had passed away before I developed an interest in the CCC. I met CCC workers at reunions who knew Bud and they spoke of how he was widely admired. Bud worked as a cook at the S-95 Worlds End Camp which developed into World’s End State Park. The CCC rules posted a two year limit for most workers, but if an individual had an extraordinary talent he would be permitted to stay longer. Bud’s talent for artistic renderings of CCC life kept him at World’s End for three years. Recognized by the Army and Department of Forest and Waters as an important contribution, Bud taught art to his fellow workers, contributed to the Jakersville Echo (their newsletter) and displayed his art in the camp mess hall.

His body of work was significant – he mentioned 6,000 pieces in a note to a CCC buddy. His creative imagination was expansive and every piece of his art told a story about the CCC projects – fighting fires, peeling potatoes, piling rocks, dancing with the ladies, and the myriad of other activities within daily work and life.

For years, Bud attended CCC reunions and promoted their legacy. He would gift his fellow CCC-ers with an original piece of his art – and everyone received one his signature “Bolo Ties.” His artwork appears on CCC chapter stationery and is displayed at Worlds End SP, Parker Dam SP, Promised Land SP and the Sullivan County Museum. Original pieces of Bud’s work are often available on eBay.