Elaine Rogers PA conservation Figure

Elaine Rogers, D.Ed.

With a population of just over 10,000 you might not think of Monroe County’s East Stroudsburg when looking for national influence but, thanks to Dr. Elaine Rogers, you should. 

Dr. Rogers worked to develop the initial curriculum for what began as the recreation and leisure services department at East Stroudsburg University. She spent 23 years as the department chair, and has taught every graduate (some 900 students) from the program since its inception! She has served as property coordinator for Stony Acres, a 119-acre outdoor recreation area and wildlife sanctuary owned by ESU students and managed the university’s outdoor recreation and park management career specialty area since 1978. Dr. Rogers is currently a board member for the Monroe County Open Space Advisory Board of the Monroe County Planning Commission as well as a life member of the Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center.

It is with service to the National Park Service that Dr. Rogers’ reach most notably extends beyond Pennsylvania’s borders. She was selected by the National Parks Conservation Association to participate in a grant-funded park watcher and legislative conference in Washington, D.C. and was chosen to work on the National Park System Plan. Dr. Rogers’ consulting work has been used by schools and youth camps to municipalities and private community associations. Her dedication to professional associations includes being a founding and life member of the National Association for Interpretation for which she served on two national conference planning committees.

The published works of Dr. Rogers have appeared in national and state professional journals and newsletters on topics of professionalism, recreation areas and facilities, and environmental education. She received a national writing award for an article that appeared in Camping Magazine.

Dr. Rogers’ honors include the 2014 Rose Schoch Award from the Kettle Creek Environmental Fund, the superintendent’s award of appreciation for service on the Citizens Advisory Commission, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and the National Park Service. In 2010, she was selected as one of the Top 100 Park and Recreation Leaders in Pennsylvania. Through her passion for education, recreation, and the environment, Dr. Rogers has contributed much of her life to the development of the modern definition of recreation in the Commonwealth.