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Annie de la Bouillerie Goeke

January 26, ___ -

Annie Goeke, has more than 25 years of leadership and experience in community building. She uses her skills to plan, develop, and maintain programs using sustainable, holistic approaches to build social enterprises worldwide. Throughout her lifetime she has lived in Malaysia, Africa, Israel, and England, and has traveled extensively to El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, and other exotic locales. In Kenya, Annie was recognized by the United Nations (UN) for her work on women’s issues. And even though she now calls southern California her home, her roots are firmly grounded in central Pennsylvania.

Annie has founded or co-founded several organizations, including Lancaster Greens, the Earth Spirituality Caucus of the Green Party, CSAfrica, Global Greens Coordination, and the Earth Rights Institute, where she is currently the executive director and UN NGO delegate. In addition to that role, she is an international sustainable development consultant. She has also been actively involved in numerous volunteer positions, including chairwoman of the Lancaster Heritage and Environment Alliance, coordinator of the Earth Day Fair in downtown Lancaster, board member of the Rails to Trails group, and board member of the Voice for Choice Coalition, among others.

Annie has been recognized by the well-known PR firm, Brown Lloyd James, as a leader in innovative thinking. She takes that thinking and shares it with others through presentations on the topics of climate change, sustainable development, and women in leadership roles at various international conferences. In addition, she has designed educational programs for universities and online courses related to sustainability and cultures. Her experience allows her to educate other about “green” practices in the marketplace and how sustainable development can work effectively at home and abroad. She works in close collaboration with government leaders and business owners worldwide to create solution-based models to address today’s global challenges.